Saturday, 9 February 2008

my 9th Feb 2008

it's now 10.30pm and i guess aman is still on his way home. he left at 9.45pm after eating dinner and early supper (if i could call it supper) at my place with mom and the rest. it has been a long while since the last day we met, somewhere in december last year. i was happy to see him in front of my door this afternoon, really was. we planned to lunch at home at the beginning but then i decided to hang out spending time just for us both. so we made a move after having laksa and performing zohor. we went home at 5.30pm. meaningful was the best word. but, something has actually disturbed my heart, about which i dont think to write here. let me take this whole night to go in depth of it and i'll continue writing the finding tomorrow. i wish myself a peaceful night tonight.


Anggerek said...

"...something has actually disturbed my heart...."

ermmm what is that, i think i cn guess hehehe!

elynagriffin said...

aniiiiii.... why aren't u telling me about this baby blog of yours?

daniadanis said...

cik ann,
can guess? what is it?
let me know lar...(terbalik plak)

nak bgtau la ni. hehe. mmg nk bgtau tapi xsmpt bkk griffinbowl. jap agi nk surf :)