Tuesday, 7 August 2012

4th Semester

Alhamdulillah I have registered my fourth semester just now. However I need clarification on a few things hence a visit to faculty office is a must. I am planning to do that this Friday with uni mate who also started the first semester with me last year.

Well I guess I have to work harder and give double concentration on my project paper (or i normally refer to thesis before). I have a lot more to catch up and if only I manage to get back on track with the proposal, then my study life would be lovelier, I believe.

Sometimes I look back to the time during the earlier semesters when I really put an effort to get my every task done, the determination, the proper time management, and mostly the desire to sit in front of the books and papers and laptop all the time in a day while doing house chores in between. I managed to handle stress especially towards the end of semesters, I managed to overcome the problems I had, and mostly I managed to just make a move in every hardship I had to go through (Alhamdulillah dgn pertolongan Allah & sokongan org tersayang of course).

So, I am asking myself now. Why I could not be that same person I used to be when I try to work on this project paper? I admit that I could not give a hundred percent of commitment recently due to some reasons that I have already discussed with my supervisor but the thing now is, where has the desire gone? Where has the determination gone?

I have to find them back. I have to, I have to.

"When things seem difficult
and life uphill
Don't look too far ahead
Keep plodding on
inch by inch
The road will shorten till
the roughest patches 
will be pass and gone
And you will look back
Surprised and cheered to find
that you have left 
so many miles behind
And very soon
the tedious climb will stop
And you will stand
triumphant at the top"

I hope this post may as well help you in any small little way especially if you were in the same boat with me. Have a good day!


fpingu said...

u do help me darl.. arghhhhh.. teaching practice is knocking on the door!!!!!

daniadanis said...

All the best darling!! :)