Saturday, 7 July 2012


Sometimes i just love the attitude that i don't actually have to think much of others. Sometimes i just want to take care of myself and only without having to be concern about others. I don't want to think much of what they might be thinking about me. I just want to do what is right for me, just for me.

I have a husband who means the world to me. That is more than enough.

But that is not totally right, I realize.

'hablumminAllah wa hablumminannas'.

Relationship is important and should be taken care of.

Seriously I am tired. Perhaps I still have to be concern about others' feeling but with little priority.

The good thing is no matter how tired I am, the little voice inside of me keep saying the same thing now, 'jgn pentingkan perasaan sendiri, jgn pentingkan perasaan sendiri.'

Sigh, I will but the main concern now is myself and the limit.


Liney said...

be yourself darling.... n i love the way u are... n how u treat all of u nicely....

fpingu said...

darl.. u r sensitive enough already.. dun try to be oversensitive, dun try to be undersensitive either.. akalili, u r just perfect!! :)

daniadanis said...

thanks alot darlings!! :)