Friday, 13 July 2012

Simple Menu I Love

My aunty introduced this to me when I was still at primary/secondary school i cannot exactly recall. It has become one of my fav since then.

Aunty's version is more complicated that she adds this and that. Mine is simpler. As I cook this on my own, I discover a few things:

1. It is much better to use butter instead of cooking oil.
2. Adding some cooking oil to boil the pasta is a myth.
3. It tastes better when you add in anything cheezy to your pasta sauce. In my case tonight, i just put some slices of cheezy sausage.


fpingu said...

hahha.. now i know that i don't hav to do num 2.. :) btw, that looks delicious..

daniadanis said...

yup darl..dont have too..hehe ok je :)