Tuesday, 30 November 2010

purple with love

hubby and i attended a reception of butet & najwa last sunday and i was so amazed with the beautiful purple wedding that made me fall in love with purple even deeper. it was actually the groom's side and butet is my husband's good friend. i never expect that a man would choose purple for a wedding but this guy did. hahaha i was sooooo happy. my close friends know how much i love purple :)

the reception is one of the best. the food, the decor, the bride, all are gorgeous. the solemnization and the bride's side reception must be great too im sure. im wishing them a happy marriage insya Allah.

wedding thing is beautiful right?i myself would love to surf on wedding videos and photos by others. they are just soooo lovely. and i pray that each marriage would be as lovely as that forever. and same goes to mine. insya Allah :)


Anggerek said...

we are fan of purple :D :D

Anonymous said...

Sangat barang bagus.

Anonymous said...

Great posting. Tidak sabar untuk membaca yang berikutnya:)