Wednesday, 24 November 2010

pindah, belajar

selain daripada keje2 terakhir di pejabat, itulah 2 perkara yg bermain di fikiran saya skarang. insya Allah my last day kat office will be on friday 10.12.10 dan insya Allah on sunday 12.12.10 saya akan move to KL. semoga dipermudahkan ya Allah.

and you know what? it is like we are starting all new again. yup we have been married for 9 months but we are long-distance husband and wife who meet only on weekend, or if we are lucky, we manage to spend more days for public holiday. Alhamdulillah now we get to make a better (insya Allah) change for our marriage and future and i am so thankful to my husband for his support and courage to lead our life to a better path.

so now, i can't stop thinking or imagining of how our future life would be. i think on how to rearrange our furnitures, how to get all our stuff at pekan transfered to our home in KL, and in a few minutes later i can start thinking of going to class on my own, the assessments, the assignments, bla bla bla that i could not put clearly on list, well i actually dont have to. maybe i am too excited that i forget that insya Allah things will be good when the time comes. insya Allah. i am going to have my husband by my side all the way and everything will be fine then (of course with doa).

oh it's 11 pm now and i still need to make a progress on my packing project and need to prepare the form for medical check up. so, till then. do pray for me ya?


aifaa said...

i can imagine ur excitement. :)finally being able to be close with the husband ALL the time..bahagia~
and, if i may ask, ani sambung masters ek? if so...alhamdulillah. such a big step u're making.good luck ok.moga dalam rahmat allah sentiasa. :)

daniadanis said...

aah ani smbg master kat upm insya Allah. mula end of december ni. a big step and im a little bit nervous but hopefully ani manage to go thru nnt. thanks dear. lets pray :)

asna cute said...

alhamdulilah akhirnya rezeki utk duduk bersama tercapai. Insyallah tak lama lagi rezeki anak pula dtg menjelma amin =))

daniadanis said...

hi asna,
thanks alot..insya Allah Amin..:) nway like reading ur blog..hikhik walopon we dont know each other tp seronok bc..ada elemen menghiburkan ur celoteh tu..CONGRATES asna dh pregnant..bestnye..take care ok :)

plain_jane said...

happy for you adani :)
surely get excited to do the deco with hubby :))
treasure the moment, ya?

*hugs & kisses*

elyna griffin said...

ani, congrats! what a good news to both your personal development and marriage :) alhamdulillah, patience and perseverence have finally paid off!
tk care and good luck sweetie :)