Tuesday, 18 May 2010

i'm actually not in a good mood..since the past few days..a feeling that i tried hard to blow away few years back seems to come again..sigh..keep on fighting..shhuuuuhhh..

life has taught me many ways to stay strong..so why should i be in this kind of state..no no i'll try..smile and cheer up..

see tonight i've added a remind-me-of-my-husband song to this blog :) i was actually searching for 'cinta tiada akhirnya' by jacklyn victor when i found this lovely beautiful song..and i just love it for the very first time i listen to the song..really do..feeling abg!

talking about abg aka darling husband..he turned 27 yesterday..and for the first time i able to wish him live with a birthday kiss haha ;) a memorable one..i wanted to buy him seluar keje at first but we could not find any of his size..and how tolerate my husband..he brought me to a store that offer a lower price..hehe..but too bad that none of the size could make him comfortable with..

so..i ended up with a simple magic (hihi we love this word)..online prepaid reload for my husband hehe..next time kita usha dockers keh ;)

see..i just managed to smile and laugh thank God..so can't wait this weekend..and i wish for another happy moments to come..insya Allah..


puteri said...

tiba2 jadi rindu jugak kat hubby saya. hehe

Anggerek said...

shhhooooo sheeewwweetttt