Monday, 3 May 2010

the caramel is sweeter than me!

the last time i made caramel puding myself was awal 2000-an..(cane nk bace tuh?)..hihi..that was the time when i was still staying with my i got her help around..

and it's almost 10 years now that tonite i try to experiment the puding again..haha..i called mom this evening while 'browsing' the ingredients at mini market..just to refresh some steps and sukatan..hihi but i think i still need to adjust here and time..

so now i'm waiting to see the end product..30minutes more maybe..and i can start smelling the sweetness..

oh can't wait..

"i cook something i like.." -anna olson


elyna griffin said...

sweetie, hows the caramel? i love caramel... tp takut nk buat sbb takut gula hangus kt bawah tu betul2 hangus hehe

daniadanis said...

hi mummy ;)

Alhamdulillah..rase die ok..not too sweet..tapi ani xberjaya ratakan gula hangus kat ade part ujung2 xkena gula hangus hihi..:)

yup2..kna btul2 be careful with the gula hangus..

Jinik said...

wow.. domestic goddess.. hehe

caramel sweeter than you??
hmm... salah tu.. YOU are swweter than the caramel.. ;)

daniadanis said...

jinik: domestic goddess?? blom level tu..jauh sgt lagi..masih mencuba dan mencuba hehe..