Thursday, 4 March 2010

oh cooking!

cooking & I? we are not yet best friend. but i'm trying so that we can be :)

still remember that i was sooo in love with cooking back in 2001. i wanted to cook almost everything almost everyday. i surf recipes, i buy recipes collection, i read recipes column in almost all magazines, i myself even write a copy for my own from any source i found. and i cook. trust me! haha but that didn't last long. i tend to forget all the passion for cooking that i have in me once i furthered my studies at college and uni. and i give up. that's it, GIVE UP.

now i'm trying to tell myself to start new. i remember watching ratatouille and the famous tag line is 'anyone can cook'. yeah anyone can cook. adani can cook too. hehe. oh i just need to be passionate.

thankfully i have a supportive someone that he at least makes me want to cook. so this evening, i'm going to try nasi goreng serai with chicken black pepper for dinner. insya Allah. wish me luck!


Cik Cookie said...

wahhh...boleh bg resepi x?
rasa nak cuba.

Anggerek said...

anyone cn cook? me? hihihi

aifaa said...

haha.seronok kan? lately, it's all i'm addicted to.. :)

daniadanis said...

resepi nnt sy email..meh email address :)me dh try ayam black pepper tapi xberjaye..huhu

cik ann,
u better get used with it my dear..hehe..

good that u enjoy dear..i wish i have a chef rite by my side so that i can refer to setiap masa..hehe too bad!