Tuesday, 28 July 2009

being kid

went to kfc and bought myself a happy meal and this is what i got :) chicky jigsaw puzzle :) 100 pieces maaa..so i woke up sunday morning..made myself a cup of ovaltine with nestum cereal and..

bermula lah..took out sume puzzles..mase ni dh excited cket2 sbb byk pieces..and my style..kalu nk settle puzzle..suke abiskan susun yg tepi..camni haa..

bila dh camni..dapat figure besar rupenya..lagi la excited..dan begitu mengasyikkan..i tell you..

non-stop and non-stop..referring to the pics..

tadaaa..siap :) comey comey..

and happy :) sekali-sekala bring myself into this kind of moment..best gak..mengasyikkan..

anyway, remember my previous entry when i posted about this lovely vince of mine? hehe..i already got myself a new one..:)

cakk..:)same patern..same brand but at lower price and different colour..this time..kelabuuuu!!

meh nk close-up :)

actually xplan to buy the same one..tp bkn senang nk cari yg selesa..at last nmpak this one..this colour..i smiled and decided to have it mine..at least i'm happy with it now..and always for sure :)


JMR said...

ajok jeme buat sama2..mesti lg syok..:-p

daniadanis said...

haha..yup i wish..;p

Anggerek said...

bestkan kdg2 pusing balik ke zaman kanak2

plain_jane said...

rajin wat puzzle yee..

jawab tag saye ye adani.. thehehe ;)

plain_jane said...

eh.. cm best je..
pasni nak g kfc beli chicky meal jugak la..

bleh wat puzzle ;)

daniadanis said...

cik ann & jane,
a'ah..i enjoyed the moment..hehe

nnt ani buat keh :)