Sunday, 15 March 2009


a colleague told me; 'adani, ko tak lawa laa pakai tudung itam..'
and some then nodding
and me just laughing..

i can remember myself in tudung itam when i was in secondary school; for dinner, night preps, sport even, friday visit, etc. tudung putih was only worn with school uniform and other than that, tudung itam was always the only perfect match. but i then told myself not to put on any tudung itam right after i finished my secondary school. no and never. i sometimes opted to match tudung itam with any of my kurung during uni but i eventually found that my cheek looked weird chubby whenever i put it on. so i at once said no to that colour.

but i seem to turn back and looked for that colour again by end of last year when i worked as a teacher at my hometown. tudung itam happened to be my choice again since then. it wasn't really a choice anyway, it was just because i couldn't find any perfect match! myself just kept telling that black is no more suitable for me. believe it, i always wanted to stop wearing black but i just waited for time to tell the when.

and last two weeks, the time finally came. just by those simple words from a friend convincing myself that i have to totally forget tudung itam. but think twice, it would not be totally i guess. i may put it on for casual or home event, why not! but with some combination of colours. i may just avoid black next time.

anyway, trust me that i am not good at fashion. truly simple is always my tagline. i am simple and i look simple. but for future, i guess i have to be more careful in choosing colours. i used to take those meaning of colours easy but i think it's maybe good to give some attention to that. so, what's the meaning of black? some say it's a sign of unhappiness and sullenness (ye, di alam pekerjaan memang ada orang peduli and simply judging others by applying this). in an interview for example. so, anyone?

**black and i, what do you think?


plain_jane said...

xsesuai ke...

nampak ok je.. hihi..
dulu mase kat faris pakai tudung itan tuh kire grand la tu..


daniadanis said...

tula..dan pakai tudung kaler selain putih n itam adalah sesuatu yg pelik..bleh kna gosip kalo pakai kaler len..hehe..

tapi this time..xtau la..rase pelik kalu pki tudung itam..huhu..

Anggerek said...

ani, mcm ok je pakai tudung hitam... bole je. skrg gi ofis tudung hitam adalah penyelamat kalo pg2 susah nk match baju ngn tudung...ambil je la tudung hitam senang