Sunday, 3 August 2008

a weekend to remember

ala2 a walk to remember la plak:)

Thursday (31st July 2008)

i left school immediately after class and reached home at about 1.10pm. it was a sudden decision so i packed my things immediately after arriving home. everyone was doing busy as well getting all the stuffs ready and we finally departed at 3pm. five of us; mom, grandmom, kyah, adin and me. guess what? we were heading to KL! :)

Alhamdulillah sampai KL at 9pm, my aunt’s (maksu) at Taman Desa Minang. ayah loh and family were also there and we actually were celebrating (again) their new in-law but this time at maksu’s place. maksu decided to hold the makan2 right after mom informed our visit to KL. so, me and family, we were the big surprise for them. hehe xdelaa:) just 13 of us tp meriah and happy.

Friday (1st Aug 2008)

started the journey at 10am and this time, we were on our way to Melaka. a cousin passed away last month so we took this opportunity to visit the family and the grave. PUSARA AMAN; a very truly pusara aman located very near to a beach. can u imagine the peaceful it brings?

and oh. mom and grandmom had always wanted to go to Masjid Wilayah KL so we made it on our way back to KL. kepala pusing jugakla mencari toilet and bilik wudu that we finally masuk je tempat wudu lelaki. hehe. mm, understood i guess. tried to read the pelan but it was such a waste of time. i could just conclude that ruang sembahyang muslimin is at the 3rd floor, ruang sembahyang muslimat is at the 4th floor, and bla2 rooms and dewan at 1st and 2nd floor. ladies? sorry that I couldn’t tell:)
were home at 6.30pm.

promised to spend the nite at ayah loh’s at Wangsa Melawati so we went there at 7.30pm. a lil tired tapi suddenly lagi we all the cousins felt like going out. it was 10pm and we headed to Dataran Merdeka. jalan2-sesat-cket2-tp-ok-sambil-pusing2 KL till almost 1am and stopped at Stable Steak House, Kg Baru for steak moment. yes it was too late but mothers didn’t even call us. beautiful weird that we thought they might call at least to know our location or to know that we were ok hehe anyway thank you thank you for understanding;) went home right after finishing the meal, and it almost 2am when we knocked the front door.

[adin, me, kakyah and fa (cousin)]

[amea, adin, kakyah, cousins; ilah & fa]

Saturday (2nd Aug 2008)

breakfast and borak2. the members except me headed to maksu’s first and aman picked me around 10am. so, me and aman and another light breakfast at mamak. mom reminded me not to take long so we moved to maksu’s 5mins before 11. makan2 lagi and borak2 lagi and delay and delay and we only made our move to hometown at 12noon. huhu. bye maksu. bye amea. bye aman!

arrived at 7pm kot.

Sunday (3rd Aug 2008)

OMG, school!!!!! but i still miss that weekend. too lazy to write here but i just couldn’t stop the play of yesterday and days before that i finally wrote them word by word here.

thank you memory but please fade away for a little while. i’ll recall you at any time later, i know for sure but please not now.

sudden, short, and simple, tapi best.

but it’s time now to get back to reality, restart and move strong with that actually a good feel, as it is supposed to be.


elyna griffin said...

hehe beautiful days with beautiful ppl yea?

dear, i agree with you how confusing the rooms layout of masjid wilayah is. I went there last month with Suro and we spent some time trying to figure the ladies, bilik wuduk, bilik solat and all. maybe because it's too big kan? but i love it. the serene and the indescribable feeling when i performed my prayer there :)

Anggerek said...

busy weekend for u, same here :)

miss pumpkin (reen) said...

Oh ani, what a hectic weekend ! I bet u had d most yummylicious, packed & beautiful weekend. Absolutely effective for 'sunday-blues' cure (as 4 kelantan). Nway, i believe u won't hv ths sundy-blues vibe since u surely can't wait 2 see em (d kids). Cikgi Ani, cheerios.

Miss u . Hugs (,")

plain_jane said...

besh.. besh..

wyummy eekend with family and fun activities :)

i cant wait for the mid sem break to come..

my dear cuti2.. pls come..