Monday, 18 August 2008


I was at Tok Bali from 6-8 aug for UPSR Camp and as the result, I couldn’t attend that majlis akad nikah of a relative of mine on 8aug. Felt very tired that day so I just made a quick view on their photos once I was home.

The reception then was held a week later, yesterday 17aug2008. Thought that I have to be there celebrating the newly-wed so I dressed simple as I always am and made a move to her place at 3 o’clock.
The groom was still on his way when I reached there. So I met the bride and took some photos. Oh she looked different on her day, of course la kan.

Mmm..the groom wasn’t still show up. Tunggu lagi.

and FINALLY....

Laaa...this Hasif...!

surprise surprise surprise :)
More photos? Jom :)

Ni pengantin tgh tukar baju..

I admire that little girl tapi susahnya nk ambik gamba berdua ngn die je..

camni pun okla..

gamba ni..

gamba ni..

gamba ni pun..
I took all these photos by myself. Layan jgk. Bagus2. New cousin of my cousins.
Hehe Selamat Berbahagia anyway.


elyna griffin said...

what a small world!hehe

p/s: really like your kurung :)

daniadanis said...

yup small small world :)

that kurung? thanks..i'm done looking for the most suitable tudung for it..u last pki je bawal krim tu huhu..tudung yg same jgk..

Anggerek said...

again farisian product hehehehe. jadi sedara la pulak ;)

aifaa said...
am speechless.


daniadanis said...

cik ann,

hehe tula xsangka xsangka..;)