Monday, 29 April 2013

Door gift & Home decor

Last weekend on Saturday was my cousin's reception for the groom side. My cousin was the bride.

The reception was held at Zam Zam Grand Ballroom, Zam Zam Restaurant, Shah Alam, an Arabic restaurant.

It was simple and beautiful. The bride side was given a special door gift with simple but stunning bunga telur.

I normally have no idea of what to do with bunga telur once I get back home but this kind of bunga telur gave me a decor idea for my home.

I posted in my instagram that we bought a new shoe cabinet.
I was glad that we found this kind so that we could locate it nicely at a corner of our little home.

That's the shoe cabinet. I as well posted earlier in my previous entry that I bought functional decor items for the cabinet.

Now that I have a few bunga telur that can be used to decorate the cabinet, I went to Kaison earlier today to find a suitable flower pot.

I have always wanted to have that kind of flower pot, that jug style.

Luckily I found something similar at Kaison so I bought one.

So that's the yellow bunga telur and I just put them in the pot. I didn't think much about arrangement.

I have made a few minor changes for our home since I officially finished my study. I think I am done for now. Everything is simple and I am happy and satisfied.

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