Thursday, 22 March 2012

guess what?

wink2..guess what guess what guess what? ;)

anyway i am just back from old town sri rampai. weeheee. i read a status from an FB sister (Nadia Jay) telling that she was doing revision at other old town and ting! i later decided to head to old town nearby. sgt berkesan haha reading di ptg hari sorang2 ditemani angin sepoi2 bahasa dan segelas white coffee. i managed to finish my reading of an article and that's good! sekali-sekala tukar mood and view kan. i should try this more often kehkehkeh. iyolah tu. sekala- sekala nak ambik mood baik punya ok la kan ;)

btw, you may try too :)

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fpingu said...

good for u.. :) btw, ape yg dlm plastik tu darl?