Wednesday, 1 February 2012

goodbye snickers

*husband is away, maka inilah jiwang mode.

bangun tidur pagi tadi dengan satu perasaan yg kurang ceria kurang mood bila mengingatkan hari ni suami akan memulakan perjalanan kerjanya sekali lagi.


this time was a bit different when i decided to send him to KL Central and we both prefered to take the train. perfect that at least we both managed to spend some time together on the train, side by side.

this is the goodbye snickers that he bought for us both and the new 20 cent version he gave me before he finally entered the erl gate.

small meaningful thing that reminded me of those sweet old days and made me feel so special today. most importantly it helps me to smile and shine telling myself to cheer up and be strong.

i pray for you always, for your safety, for you to be blessed with many good people around, for you to perform well in your job, for your good health, and for our love to grow stronger. "no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere". cant wait for you to be home, continue projek rumah sama2. work hard ok and take care. i love you so much!


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bibopp said...

i also got the new coin frm my hubby!tp lupa letak kt strong dear, like u always do.i know hw it feels.

Liney said...

so sweet... tabah ok... k liney tau are kuat...