Monday, 7 December 2009

nervous come & go & come

i dont think that im going to post any about the preps here at first. nothing much. but i got the chance today with less work for now.

why not posting. at least i share. at least i share with myself now and perhaps it will be shared with my-future-self later. and him. at least.

well nothing much actually. i have just done with the kursus kahwin yesterday (5 & 6 dec) and waiting for the sijil to be collected this friday. aman did attend the same kursus as well, here at pekan. thanks dear :)

so we are going to move to the next plan, card design this weekend. hope to find the best we can afford by this saturday and proceed with the tempahan. insya Allah. and oh it's year end sale and i'm going to KL this weekend so maybe we can do some shopping for hantaran. insya Allah.

i don't know, just pray that everything will go well. good. seems like i have many things in mind and most of them are all about discussions and follow-up.

shuuhhh shuuhhhh nervous. huhu.


JMR said...

yey..xsabar..semlm dh sms aman tny 'due date' korg..wehooo

daniadanis said...

ok encik photographer..:p
semoga berjalan lancar aminn..

Cik Cookie said...

All the best sis.
Jalan Kl n shopping mmg best.

Cik Cookie said...

All the best sis.
Jalan Kl n shopping mmg best.

nabila said...

i wish that ur wedding will go well dear :)

daniadanis said...

cik cookie,
thanks alot :)

thanks dear :)

aifaa said...

ani, skrg ni mesti rasa nervous+seronok+panic sket2 kan?

i keep looking at my still risau, takut2 ada yg missing..

daniadanis said...

btul tu..nervous..panik..sronok..sume nervous yg lebih..