Wednesday, 30 September 2009

i cried then i smiled

yesterday was stressful
i walked out of the class crying
i dont want to feel stupid
i just let out the frustration

and i then smiled

i knew the challenge since ever
to teach strange people from various backgrounds
and they are teenagers
but this is what i have chosen
and i have to keep going

i was tired
i went to bed early last night
and i woke up this happy wednesday
just to find that i have to walk that path i've chosen again
i smiled

i dont have to give up
i just have to realize the situation
i am tired because i am not good enough
i need to work harder
and pray for strength throughout the journey
insya Allah

and you
i wish you all the best too



puteri said...

i don't know what happened,
but i know you're doing great!

every cloud has a silver lining.

daniadanis said...


biaselah..masalah disiplin bdk2 ni..aduh..good that u respon nway..teachers know better :)

- Ct Pataepannang - said...

hadapi dengan senyuman
semuanya kan baik2 saja

Anggerek said...


Sometimes, i do feel the same thing.

Life is a series of adjustment.

Take care, dear

plain_jane said...

dont put all the blame on your shoulder.. if u have tried your best.. then it's ok..

there are so many things that are out of our control even though we believe that we can make a difference. :)

so, dont stress out, k. Cheer up! :)

daniadanis said...


cik ann,
really?life's like that kan..u too take care..

u r right mummy..but sometimes i need that i can overcome the stress..thanks mummy..mummy take care eh..
*best x dipanggil mummy?hehe..;p

aifaa said...


*i used to know that feeling.*

what u're doing is a really noble thing so it's good to know that u're trying to look at the bright side of things. jane and cik an is definitely right.

don't focus too much on the big changes, sometimes it's the little changes that makes a big difference.


daniadanis said...

thanks alot..i'll be stronger..insya Allah..lets pray..


Sa Rathisa. said...

takde pekerjaan yg senang dlm dunia ni.....yg bulat xkan dtg bergolek n yg pipih xkn dtg melayang.....

stress...headache....politik kerja ada dimana2....

yg penting...mental & fizikal mesti kuat...

kdg2 kita perlu meluahkan & berharap ada insan yg sudi mendengar....

& yg mendengar perlulah mmeberi semangat....bkn lg menghangat