Monday, 9 February 2009


oh lamenye xblogging. i just dont have the right time (yes, there's always time) to write here. well, there's something that i think i would like share here specifically on my daily personal life.

i'm currently working at pekan as a teacher. it's been almost a month and i'm still trying to adapt esp with the students. thankfully i have no major problem with other teachers and lecturers. cket2 tu ade la. i'm still new but i pray (pls pray for me too) that everything will go just fine. for the time being, im staying with my uncle at Indera Mahkota, Kuantan so i drive to work and it takes 45 mins. i have to work an office hour basis 8-5 xkire ade kelas ke xde kelas. like today, i only have to handle a straight 2-hours class (i'm still adapting to teach 2hours straight) from 8.15 am to 10.15 am and i'll be spending the rest of the day at ofis doing the preps, and now blogging yeay finally..etc.

actually i have already found a house to rent at sepekan jaya but again..haha still adapting with the environment. so i plan to start staying at the house this week with another 2 friends. it's just a very small house even smaller than my previous house in tmn kurnia jaya peng chepa few years back. but it's time to learn i know, to live in simplest humble way with beautiful people. yg penting dgn siapa kita bersama..kan?then len2 tu insya Allah ok. lagipun umah tu xdela teruk sangat pun. saya pun penah hidup susah before. as i said, yg penting dengan sape kita tinggal. the people we live our life with itulah yg bleh share elemen kehidupan yg akhirnya bleh menambahkan kebahagiaan kita atau sebaliknya. dulu, hidup susah pun, i was with my precious family and we were happy. and now, i pray that i can live happily with my housemate either. there might be different but insya Allah ok. lagipun another 2 friends and i are planning to step to another beautiful phase of life. insya Allah..

hmm. homesick tu mmgla. i miss my home at machang so least bleh amik udara umah pun ok la.

and life after bertunang? lagi rindu ade la. huhu. and banyak kna jaga. kalau u all pun mesti sama kan? hehe. other than that, nothing much yg berubah. i'm just very thankful for the love that grows each day in me. please pray for me ya.

oklah, i think i better stop here. you people, have a great day and forget me not ya! and oh, sorry xinvite to my engagement hari tu. but i hope you understand. ada jodoh panjang umur murah rezeki nanti kawin i invite okeh.

oh, i pray to be blessed with good things ahead, amin..


Anggerek said...

hi ani...
great to hear from u here. take good care dear

plain_jane said...

ani katmane skg?

daniadanis said...

cik ann,
thank u:)

ani kat pekan, pahang. jadi cikgu kat ikm.

elyna griffin said...

ani, life selepas bertunang sangat best kan hikhik :)

good luck with adapting to the new environment and workplace..!

nabila said...

ta8 cre sys!!

daniadanis said...

u r right. and one of the best thing, i started introducing him to new people i met as my fiance :)

thanks girl..

u take care hard for coming pmr..
nway, sokmo balik ke..evry week?

siti marosadee said...

jemput ct gak g majlis kawin kak a..xpela xley pg pn.hahaa