Monday, 12 January 2009

a little prayer for me..

i'm getting nervous
i'm running out of time

i'm going to attend a course from 19th to 24th Jan

and soon after i come home
i need to make myself prepared for the engagement

i'm getting engaged
it falls on monday, 26 Jan 2009

pray for me ya!!
pray for me
pray for me
pray for me..


plain_jane said...

so its on the 26th?

congratulation on your engagement..
don't worry, i'm sure everything will be just fine.. don't forget to post your engagement pics ok?

take k dear.
regards to aman, k.


miss pumpkin (reen) said...

hey dear,

im so happy 4 u dear. u r taking a step closer to the next best thing in life. not to worry k 'bout what's coming ahead. just njoy every lil bit of ur time.

am happy 4 both of u, aman + ani. don't 4get to post all d pics k.

Anggerek said...

For both A's (Ani & Aman),

CONGRATULATION. i am happy for both of you.

aifaa said...

congratulations truly happy for the both of u. :) :)

RedTable said...

its glad to hear that...
so congrats in advance and enjoy the moment.surely zillion things to prepare blablabla..but its gonna be ok.


Anonymous said...

congrats happy to hear that, and i am happy for u...dont worry, pasti semua berjalan lancar..selamat ya!

daniadanis said...

terharunya..thanks alot everyone..i feel better for now..


nabila said...

sory xdpt dtg..
epy always.

daniadanis said...

acik..nape xdpt dtg?huhu..xleh balik ke..

elyna griffin said...

hey,, sorry i couldnt believe i missed this post!

anyways ani dearie,, syukur alhamdulillah... insyaAllah everything will go just fine.
congratulations to both of u.. farisian sweethearts :)

p/s: my date nnt dekat2 sket i let u know k hehe

oh btw,, 'we could be in love' is awesome!love it!

Ika said...