Thursday, 25 December 2008

this entry needs no title :)

hi, i wish that all of you have a happy and meaningful day today (esp you aman, mak is on her way!). well, it's raining now and i just think that it's a perfect time to walk down the memory lane. at almost end of journey, i surprisingly found these little pieces. i picked them up, took a closer look, and i just realized that each of them brought a deep meaning to me. so here i share.
a medical record belongs to abah. i remind you his name; ISMAIL YAKUB :)

an ECG that also belongs to abah

i regret that i never know that abah suffered from heart problem since 2001. luckily(?), this medical report told the details. only today. thankfully i have a doctor sister around to help me understand a little bit of the report. we both shocked. abah had never been that weak in front of us. oh abah!


and these, individual's folder of my siblings created by abah. five of us; alifah, lokman, bahiah, 'adani, aminuddin. another surprise.

careful, and see how abah actually wanted my name spelt. 'ADANI. let's go explore the folder. i show you some ok.


surprise surprise surprise. certificates of mine from PRIMARY SCHOOL. abah kept this!


oh exam results when i was in form 2 until form 5!

and this remind me how i used to be.


friends, still remember my abah? let me refresh..

let me spell out once again; ABAH.
spelling is the best thing i could ever do. i would love to say it loud but there would be no answer i know ;)
time passes by and we are now towards the end of 2008. i pray that we'll be blessed with many good things in this coming 2009. and i think i would like to thank cik ann for always highlighting those beautiful lines;
'happiness keeps you sweet, trials make you strong, sorrows keep you human, failure keeps you humble, success keeps you glowing, and GOD keeps you going..'
very true now i know :)
to all,
HAPPY 2009!!!!!!
**this is my best entry of the year, dont you think? ;) **


plain_jane said...

adani dear,

ur abah was indeed a great father :)

and yes.. this is your best entry.. as always :)

happy new year :)

Anggerek said...

dear ani,

sedih la bace entry ni sob..sob..sob..

but i know, u re a strong lady, dear.

happy new year 2009...

daniadanis said...

Jane & Cik Ann,


elyna griffin said...

your abah was a really wonderful man, sweetie.. and this entry is indeed a beautiful piece to end 2009 :)

RedTable said...

keep your heart strong

Azuar Razmi said...

weh la..guana aku xpernah ade slip2 result maso sekolah faris tu...hahahahha....