Sunday, 16 November 2008

i always tried to read this old Golden Swan
but i'm still at that first page
since the first day of school break.
i have problem with the font i guess.
but i'll give another simpler try
to at least turn the page
and read the lines.

im currently loving this song.
come, sing along.
Kau membiusku dengan cinta
Cinta yang malu kukatakan
Kau membiusku dengan cinta
Sampai aku tak bisa berkata
Kau membiusku sampai aku jadi sering melamun

Memikirkan kita bisakah bersama

Aku dibius Cinta
Cintamu yang tak ada tandingan
Namun mungkin tak bisa
Entah ku tak tahu…
Kita yang malu hati untuk mengakui saling cinta

Usaha sekeras hati bersama selamanya
Aku dibius cinta…

*OST Cicakman 2 *


elyna griffin said...

dear, the book looks like an oldie waiting to be discovered by you :)

where did u get it dear? oh and I also have some font issues with my reading hehe

Anggerek said...

what's the book all about?

well, i love that song